Benefits of a VoIP phone system for business

Communication November 8, 2022

If you aim to run your business efficiently, regardless of its size, you need an efficient communication infrastructure. Most companies still rely on traditional landlines even though they are outdated, slow, costly, and not compatible with today’s technology standards and capabilities.

There is additional labour required to change phone numbers if employees resign or workmates leave for business trips, which makes the process quite tedious. At the same time, asking your employees to use their personal phone numbers for work calls is not professional and can be perceived as a privacy invasion.

VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol) solutions and applications are an increasingly common alternative for resolving traditional landlines’ shortcomings without compromising your employees’ privacy. We’ll get into the core VoIP benefits for businesses that might determine you to opt for such an investment.


The main benefits of a VoIP phone system for businesses:

Cost convenience

In today’s economic climate, every business is looking for ways to save money on expenses. A VoIP phone system offers cost savings in various areas, as they only require a device, an internet connection, and a subscription – so you don’t have to spend money on hardware and installation. Since there are no additional charges for long-distance services or local calling, you’ll be able to save on those too. 


A VoIP phone system can grow along with your business. Whether your company is just starting or has been around for decades, it’s easy to tailor a VoIP service to your specific needs and scale it as you grow. For example, Qara App is a VoIP solution that supports an unlimited number of users. 

Features variety 

The flexibility of VoIP systems should make them a no-brainer for most businesses. With traditional phone lines, the only way to change numbers was to pay a hefty fee, and there were many other limits on what you could do. VoIP systems have none of these limits. You can change your number or system at will with little effort. This can be useful when you’re changing locations, but it’s also handy to keep up with technology. 

Moreover, VoIP applications like Qara come with many other built-in features, allowing you to run call reports, monitor calls, create ring groups and auto attendants, transfer calls to employees and colleagues, and invite teammates to join calls via their regular phone numbers. Apps like Qara allow you to run call reports, monitor calls, whisper, create ring groups and auto attendants, transfer calls to workmates and seamlessly invite team members to join the call using only their phone numbers


Today’s businesses are constantly changing, evolving, and moving. Having a phone system that allows you to add or remove extensions as your business proliferates is essential. A VoIP phone system makes it easy to set up additional extensions in a snap. And if you’re downsizing, you can simply disable the extension as needed.

Ease of use

One of the most relevant VoIP benefits is the ease of use. With a VoIP phone system, employees can log in and turn any smart device into an office phone, making and receiving calls over the internet. This means they can work from home or any other remote location and still access their business phone system, never missing an important call. VoIP applications like Qara only require a smartphone and a small-fee subscription to unify all your communications.

Customer Service improvement

Given the fact that a VoIP phone system does not depend on a landline connection, it can be utilized as a tool that enables you to enhance your customer service through increased responsiveness and boosted quality. Furthermore, VoIP solutions allow the connection of specialized advisors and the smooth transfer of communications between users and offices. Remote employees can use apps to link back to their office phones and forward calls quickly, and you can use advanced track reports to monitor your business’s performance, primarily if it depends on phone communication. 

In conclusion, VoIP solutions can streamline interaction with colleagues and customers and guarantee that all your team members are always connected and accessible (when needed) – while saving you costs and modernizing your communication infrastructure. If your goal is to elevate your communications through a tiny change that makes a remarkable difference, consider implementing a VoIP solution.

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