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You can change your number or add more numbers later in your Profile Settings.

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    What is a local phone number?

    Local phone numbers are those you connect with specific places, like regions, cities, or states, and they're usually known by their three-digit area codes. Regardless of physical location, these numbers are a significant tool for developing a local presence within a community.

    Qara provides the flexibility to purchase several local phone numbers in the VoIP domain, catering to various locales and area codes. Qara ensures a complete variety of local phone numbers that fit your business footprint, whether your operations are in a booming metropolis like Chicago (312) or a peaceful enclave like Key West (786).

    The benefits of having a local phone number extend beyond geographical bounds. They enable firms to connect directly with clients in their target markets, fostering trust and rapport. These numbers enable personalized client interactions, whether you operate remotely or have physical offices.

    Furthermore, local phone numbers can be smoothly integrated into an IP phone system, taking advantage of VoIP technology's efficiency and cost-effectiveness. They also make it easier to employ auto attendants, sending calls to the appropriate departments or extensions.


    Business Phone Numbers FAQ

    Yes, we offer the option to select a specific local area code for your number. This allows you to establish a local presence in the area of your choice, even if your business is located elsewhere.
    All US and Canada area codes are generally available for local and toll-free numbers through Qara. Some area codes may have a more extensive inventory of available numbers than others. To select a particular area code and check the availability of specific numbers, get started today by downloading the Qara app.
    Yes! After you setup your Qara account, you can transfer (port) your existing toll-free or local phone numbers to Qara. Contact us by visiting Help & Support in the Qara app or by e-mailing so we can streamline this process for you!