The Journey of Qara

Behind the scenes May 21, 2023


The creation of Qara has been an exciting and demanding journey! Join me as I take you through the challenges, successes, and lessons learned in bringing this innovative VoIP app to life.

Starting Point and Inspiration

It all began with a simple dinner table discussion when the idea for Qara was first presented as a solution for remote work, triggered by the emergence of COVID-19. The very next day, we embarked on a market search to determine if a similar app already existed. Although we discovered competitors, their presence only fueled our determination to think beyond the existing solutions and strive for something even better.

Exploring the World of VoIP

Our quest for information led us to delve into various factors and components involved in creating a successful VoIP app. We compiled a comprehensive list of considerations, including selecting appropriate protocols like SIP and WebRTC, establishing a robust network infrastructure capable of scaling and ensuring redundancy, implementing strict security measures, and designing a user-friendly interface. We knew that to create a successful product, we needed professionals with deep domain knowledge and effective collaboration skills.

Building the Dream Team

Luck was on our side as we already had valuable team members—a skilled network engineer and an operations expert who ensured smooth business operations and supported our customers’ IT needs. With over 20 years of experience in IT, including 10+ years in VoIP, our expertise proved immensely valuable. We searched for resources to support our efforts and turn our vision of Qara into reality.

Creating the Infrastructure

Our team began designing the infrastructure, meticulously documenting every detail. Leveraging cloud infrastructure expertise, our team set up redundant media servers on AWS (Amazon Web Services) to ensure high availability and fault tolerance. This scalable environment could handle the growing user base of the app seamlessly.

Overcoming Financial Challenges

While working on a limited budget, we faced a challenge when the first group of developers we hired quoted a higher price than anticipated. To find a workaround, we requested the removal of certain components, such as the Android portion and the back-end. Our goal was to hire different experts for the back-end and address the Android platform later. This approach not only fit within our budget but also allowed us to work with a diverse team of developers, ensuring a successful and well-rounded product.

Collaborating with Experts

To bring Qara to life, we formed a diverse team of professionals. We hired developers proficient in Java to work on two different aspects: one focused on creating a secure user database, while the other concentrated on programming voice flow and various voice functions. Our UI designer, skilled in Figma, designed a user-friendly interface for easy navigation. We deployed servers for sip routing, security, fraud prevention, call authentication and authorization, and load balancing. To enable messaging capabilities, we collaborated with an expert in chat server technology. Moreover, we hired front-end developers to construct our website with an API that connected to our backend, complementing the mobile app. Lastly, our iOS developers designed the front-end app for iOS devices.

Conclusion and Future Plans

Our journey to create Qara has been a testament to our determination, resourcefulness, and collaborative spirit. As we continue to refine and enhance the app, our vision extends beyond its current state. We plan to explore further updates, expansions, and advancements, keeping pace with the evolving world of VoIP technology.

Join us as we embrace the exciting possibilities that lie ahead and revolutionize the way we communicate through Qara!