What is a Business VoIP Phone System?

Communication December 25, 2022

If your current goal is to modernize your business communication infrastructure and optimize internal and client-facing interactions, a business VoIP phone system may be the ideal, cost-effective and user-friendly choice. In this article, we are going to explore what a business VoIP phone system is, how it could benefit your business and why it is a superior choice to traditional landlines.

What is a business VoIP phone system

VoIP is short for Voice-over-Internet Protocol, representing a telecommunication technology that relies on smart devices connected to the internet instead of standard telephone networks and systems. Business VoIP systems provide unparalleled flexibility, mobility, cost-efficiency, connectivity and security, allowing business owners to streamline all their communications by simply installing an app and paying a small subscription fee.

What types of businesses could benefit from business VoIP phone systems

  • Small and Medium companies Small and medium businesses are often the ones that can benefit the most from a business VoIP system. This is because they often do not have an extensive phone system in place, or they may just be using their personal cell phones as their main line of communication. With a business VoIP system, these companies can easily save money on their monthly phone bill while still having all the features they need to run their business smoothly. 

  • International businesses As our global economy becomes more integrated, international businesses need to have access to communication tools that meet their unique needs. Companies that frequently communicate with customers or partners overseas can take advantage of VoIP phone systems, as they only require a smart device and an internet connection. This way, they can avoid hefty charges associated with regular international calls.

  • Freelance businesses Freelancers and remote workers often require a more flexible phone solution than what they would get with a traditional landline or cell service. By using a business VoIP phone system, you can separate your personal and work life through two different phone numbers for each purpose – without needing an extra phone. Furthermore, freelancers and remote workers can communicate with their customers from anywhere in the world, only needing a WiFi connection.

  • Large businesses Large companies are always looking for ways to save money and improve their productivity levels. Business VoIP phone systems are ideal for both of these things because they allow you to cut costs and increase efficiency simultaneously. Your employees can communicate with each other more efficiently while saving money on long-distance and international calls by using this type of system instead of traditional landlines.  Business VoIP phone systems enable organizations of all sizes to integrate their call centers and help desks with the chosen VoIP solution provider. Advanced solutions like Qara app also provide tracking features that enable business owners to closely monitor their business’s performance.  

Why are business VoIP systems superior to traditional landlines

To put it simply, traditional landlines force business owners to remain stuck with specific phone numbers for every location and employee. They are outdated in the modern business landscape, where timing is paramount. Being away from the desk and not picking up the phone may result in lost deals, which does not happen with VoIP systems integrated with smart devices.

Some of the core benefits of VoIP systems, when compared to traditional landlines, are:

  • Improved mobility: With VoIP systems, you can take your office with you wherever you go. VoIP systems allow you to make and receive calls from anywhere worldwide as long as there is an internet connection. This provides you with greater freedom than traditional landlines because you don’t have to be tied down by wires.

  • Lower expenses: VoIP systems are much less expensive than traditional landlines because they don’t require any physical infrastructure such as wires or cables. Plus, since they’re cloud-based, there’s no need for expensive equipment like switches or routers either. This means that VoIP systems are also easier to manage than traditional phone systems since there is no need for additional IT support staff members.

  • Multifunctionality: Because VoIP systems are cloud-based, they offer many features beyond just making and receiving calls, including voicemail, auto-attendant menus, and conferencing capabilities.  You can dive deeper into the core benefits of VoIP phone systems in this article.

The bottom line

Modern businesses should make VoIP a priority due to its many benefits. VoIP phone systems have been shown to enhance security and better accommodate customers when compared to landline phones. You need all the help you can get in today’s competitive business market. 

When employees and customers know that they can easily communicate with a business via VoIP and not have to deal with expensive long-distance charges, choosing this technology over a landline will be easy. 

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