The advantages of a single extension with Qara

Features December 13, 2023

Separate work and personal life: With Qara, you don’t need a second phone or extra SIM cards. Everything happens in the app on your phone.


Choose your business number: You can select your business number from a provided list to personalize it for your brand or alternatively, search for combination of numbers to find the perfect fit.


Multiple numbers for marketing: Need extra numbers for marketing or starting a new business? Qara lets you add as many phone numbers as you want.


Custom outbound caller ID: Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose the outbound caller ID, displaying the specific phone number associated with each particular business, adding a professional touch to your outgoing calls.


Multitasking made easy: Put your call on hold, and while your customer enjoys on-hold music, you can make another call and even merge both calls to create a conference call. Alternatively, you can simply transfer the call.


Smart call handling: Set up Auto Attendants, acting as digital receptionists, to play a customized message when someone calls. They offer callers the option to choose the specific department they want to reach and allow for calls to be transferred to different voice groups or to external numbers. This functionality becomes particularly valuable when managing multiple businesses with different numbers.


Flexible business hours: Configuring after-hours settings becomes seamless. You can choose to have your phone not to ring after working hours but instead can be routed to the the Auto Attendant, or voicemail. You can customize your business hours to fit your schedule.


Do not be disturbed: Enjoy a call-free evening by switching on Do Not Disturb (DND), which will temporarily silence all incoming calls, messages, or alerts after business hours


The Qara app simplifies your business communication, letting you manage calls effortlessly and provide your business a professional touch.